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Before You Get Started – New Zealand

Before Starting the Merchant Registration Process

The following is important information to review before starting the Qoin Merchant Registration Process.

Mobile Phone Software Update

It is important to ensure your mobile phone has the latest software update installed. Old or outdated software may stop the Qoin mobile app from being installed and/or effect how the app functions.

Completing the Registration Process on your Phone and/or Computer

The entire Qoin registration process can be completed either solely on your mobile phone or by completing steps 1 – 5 on your mobile phone and step 6 on your computer:

  • Steps 1 – 5 must be completed on your mobile phone
  • Step 6 can be completed on either your mobile phone or your computer

Some merchants prefer to use their computer for step 6 when the directory listing is completed as this is when you will need access to your logos and photos which, for many, are more accessible on their computer.

If you will be using your mobile phone to complete Steps 1 – 6 you should ensure any images (business logos &/or photos) you will use for your Qoin directory listing are accessible on your mobile phone before beginning the registration process.

Registering via your Mobile Phone

  • Follow the flow of Steps 1 – 6
  • Ensure your images (business logos &/or photos) are accessible on your phone before beginning

Registering via your Computer and your Mobile Phone

  • Complete Steps 1 – 5 on your mobile phone first
  • Then complete Step 6 on your computer


Updated on August 4, 2021

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