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Community Groups & Leaders

During February & March 2022 the community voted for Group Leaders and Deputies to lead the 5 key community groups. These community leaders will play an integral part in the ongoing development of Qoin as we continue to build a global community of buyers, sellers, and traders.

The Community Groups were allocated a number of proposed key objectives for their group to focus on. The leaders will meet monthly and have already presented a framework plan to be built upon that should be ready to launch to the wider community around September this year. The groups are passionate and highly motivated to make a positive impact in the Qoin Community.

Contact the Community Group Leaders with any questions or suggestions via [email protected] 

To view the Qoin Community Groups Proposed Objectives click here

Click to view the Qoin Community Group Leaders Newsletter
    – July – September 2023
    – April – June 2023
    – January – March 2023
    – December 2022
    – August 2022
    – July 2022
    – June 2022

Qoin Community Standards Group Leaders

  • Tim Bolot – Leader

Qoin Merchants Fair Trading Group Leaders

  • Nick Pratt – Co-Leader
  • Peter Gordon – Co-Leader

Qoin Technology Development Group Leaders

  • John Beck – Leader

Qoin New Projects Group Leaders

  • Sean Colman – Leader
  • Emil Verster – Deputy

Qoin Global Expansion Group Leaders

  • Darryl Toreaux – Leader
  • Paull Chaffey – Deputy
Updated on November 22, 2023

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