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Merchant Registration – Business Details

Only new merchants who are presented to by an accredited Qoin Agent will be eligible to receive funding of your Reward Qoin. To receive your Reward Qoin you must have also completed your Merchant Registration, Business Details and Directory Listing.

1.  Once you have completed the Merchant Registration you will be taken to the ‘Business Details’ page

  • This page is not visible to the public and can only be seen by you and the Qoin support team.

2.  Complete the following information on the ‘Business Details’ page

  • Enter your ABN Number (this will be automatically validated once entered)
  • Entity Name (this will be automatically populated when the ABN is validated)
  • Enter Your Qoin Wallet Address (this will automatically be added)
  • Use a Different Qoin Wallet Address
  • If you have multiple ABNs / multiple businesses, you have the option to use a different wallet address
  • Annual Business Turnover $ (the annual turnover of all Qoin merchants is used in the algorithm to determine the Qoin value, along with other factors including the number of merchants)
  • Enter Business Address
  • As you type in your address, google maps will match what you are typing to a location on the google map
  • Once it has provided a correct match you must select that option to align it with the google map
  • Enter Business Phone Number
  • Agree to the Terms of Use
  • Referred by: Provide details of the Business Name / Trading Name / Person that referred you to Qoin (for the Introduction payment)
  • Qoin Agent: Select the Agent from the drop-down options
  • Once all details have been completed, click ‘Register’ to save

Once your Qoin Registration and Business Details has been completed, you will receive a New Merchant Welcome Email.


Updated on January 2, 2021

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