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How to Add your Directory Listing

Only new merchants who are presented to by an accredited Qoin Agent will be eligible to receive funding of your Q Reward Qoin. To receive your Q Reward Qoin you must have also completed your Merchant Registration, Business Details and Directory Listing.

The Qoin Directory enables the Merchant to search for other Qoin Merchants. It is accessible via the Qoin Wallet.

For optimum search results, and to make sure your business is easy to find in the directory, there are three key areas that must be accurate and up to date:

1. Ensure the business contact details are up to date

2. Ensure the business is listed in all applicable categories

3. Check the directory description is up to date with your current offerings

1.  Once you have completed the information for your ‘Business Details’, the ‘Your Listing Details’ screen will automatically open.

  • This is where you create your Directory Listing. It is very important that your directory listing is complete and accurate as this is the face of your business in the Qoin Directory, which is available for public view

2.  In the ‘General Information’ section, complete the following:

  • Business Name
  • Business Tagline/Slogan
  • Business Description (Must be a minimum of 50 characters)
  • Categories

3. In the ‘Images’ section, complete the following:

You must include all three images to receive your Q Reward Qoin)

  • Business Logo: (Recommended size is 240 x 240 pixels)
  • Cover Image: which displays at the top of your directory listing (Recommended size is 1,280 x 720 pixels or if you    want higher quality 1,920 x 1,080 pixels)
  • Gallery Images: These could be photos of what product or service you offer to give potential customers a glance at your business. (Recommended size is 600 x 800 pixels) 

4.  In the ‘Contact Information’ section, complete the following:

  • Business Email
  • Contact Number
  • Website (if you have one)
  • Work Hours
  • Timezone

5.  The ‘Social Networks’ section is optional and includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any others you use for your business.

  • Select the ‘add’ button for each network you’d like to add

6.  The ‘Business Location’ is your physical business address.

  • Here you can add either your full business address, or your business Suburb, City, Region or State
  • As you type in your address, google maps will match what you are typing to a location on the google map
  • Once it has provided a correct match you must select that option to align it with the google map, from the drop-down box, then select ‘lock pin location’ so it will show correctly in your listing and on the map

7.  The ‘Additional Information’ section allows you to add anything else you wish you include about your business.

  • Some examples could be any special promotions or information that would assist a potential customer

8.  Once completed, you can preview the listing or skip preview and submit.

Here is an example of what a completed listing looks like

  • Click / Tap on the listing to reveal more information about the business

If your Directory Listing is incomplete, you will receive an email notification advising this and reminding you to complete your listing.

Once you have successfully completed each of these five steps, you will receive an email notification advising your Merchant Registration is completed.

Updated on January 2, 2021

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