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Know Your Customer Identity Verification

KYC Verification Process

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already registered for Know your Customer (KYC), you will not be able to access your wallet until you have completed Know Your Customer (KYC).

Once you have registered and agreed to the Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, you will be returned to the home screen/browser.

To begin the KYC Process:


KYC ATT Access Issue – iOS Devices

ATT is an additional level of security that Apple have introduced known as Advanced Tracking Transparency which is an additional privacy protection for Apple device owners.  With ATT, when you download or open an app, a notification pops up asking if you want to be tracked across third party apps and websites.  For Qoin, this is required in order to collect your personal information to complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) identification verification checks so that our off-site partner can complete the ID verification on you. 

Once the KYC has been completed, you can turn the tracking off.

During the KYC process, you are presented with a popup asking for permission for the app to track their activity.  If you select Ask App Not to Track instead of Allow, you will receive a popup about ATT Access as shown below.

When this message is displayed, you can follow the steps below to turn the tracking on: 

  1. Click Open Settings


  1. Click on the toggle next to Allow Tracking


  1. Click on Allow


  1. The toggle will turn green to show that it is turned on.

Return to the Qoin App to complete the KYC.

If you have pressed Cancel in Step 1 above, you will need to go through the Privacy menu to update your Tracking:

  1. Click on the iOS device Settings icon.


  1. Scroll down to Privacy and select this option.


  1. Click on Tracking


  1. Ensure that the toggle for Allow Apps to Request to Track is turned on (green), and that the toggle for Qoin Wallet is turned on (green).

Return to the Qoin App to complete the KYC.

When your KYC is completed, you can follow the steps above (Settings/Privacy/Tracking) to turn the Tracking option off.


  1. Click to select ‘Verification Required’ to begin KYC
  2. Select ‘Verify My Account’
  3. Verify Your Identity:
    • Select ‘Continue’

Know Your Customer (KYC): About You

You are required to complete information about you, your address, and your ID.

  • The information entered must be the same as it is displayed on your ID.
  1. On the ‘About You’ screen you will be required to complete the following information:
    • First Name (as shown on your ID)
    • Middle Name
    • Last Name (as shown on your ID)
    • Date of Birth
  1. On the ‘Your Address’ screen you will be required to complete all details for your current residential address.
  2. On the ‘Your ID’ screen you need to enter your Driver’s Licence details:
    • Licence State, E.g., VIC
    • Driver’s Licence Number

Know Your Customer (KYC): Proof of your Identity

Next, you will need to complete information that will help confirm your identity.

  1. Select ‘Begin Verifying’
  2. Select the Country where your ID is from
  3. Upload a photo ID: Select the ID you will be using to verify your identity

The example below uses An AU Driver’s Licence to verify the person’s identity.

1. First, take a photo of the ‘front of driver’s licence’
– Have your driver’s licence ready and select the camera icon to take the photo or if you have already taken a photo select the ‘Upload a photo’ option
2.     You will be required to allow access to the camera
3.     Next take a photo of the ‘back of driver’s licence’
–     Select the camera icon to take the photo or if you have already taken a photo select the ‘Upload a photo’ option
4.     Your ID uploads will now be processed.

Know Your Customer (KYC): Biometric ‘Selfie’ Facial Image

In the next step you will be required to take ‘live’ photos of yourself

  1. Select ‘Get Started.
  2. Align your face with the grid then follow the prompts, E.g., ‘Look slightly left’.
  3. Once your photo has successfully been taken verification will occur.

  1. You’ll receive confirmation that you have completed verifying your identity.
    • Click to select ‘Done’.
  1. This screen will advise verification is pending and may take up to 10 minutes to process.
    • Click the ‘back arrow’ to return to the Home Screen/Browser.
  1. Once the verification is completed this will display on your Home Screen/Browser.
  2. If KYC doesn’t work, you receive notification that “Verification Failed’. If this happens you need to contact the verification team via the email relevant to your country, as below:

Updated on March 27, 2023

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