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Qoin Funding

Only new merchants who are presented to by an accredited Qoin Agent will be eligible to receive funding of your Q Reward Qoin. Once your Merchant Registration has been completed and you have completed your Directory Listing you will receive your complimentary Q Reward Qoin.

  • Our intention is to fund Qoin Merchants their Q Reward Qoin within one month of the date of completion of their approved Directory Listing.

If you also purchased a Qoin Package, your Qoin Package will be funded to your Wallet within 48 – 72 hours, provided you have fully completed steps 1 – 5.

Please Note:
To enhance the Merchant’s experience, an audit and verification process takes place to ensure that Merchants in the Qoin Directory are accepting Qoin as a method of payment in their business.

We will also endeavour to validate that Merchant’s directory listings, correctly describe and reflect the products & services they are providing to you and the community.

Those Merchants that are not willing to accept Qoin, will not qualify for their Reward Qoin and no commission will be payable on these merchants.

An email will be sent to you as confirmation when the Q Reward Qoin and any purchased packages have been paid. This email will also remind you to back-up your Wallet and record your Seed Phrase.

Updated on January 2, 2021

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