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To Receive Qoin Payments

1. From the home screen/browser tap ‘RECEIVE’ to open the payment screen

  • Or tap ‘WALLET’ at the bottom of the screen to see all the currencies held in your wallet and the amount you currently have, then tap on the currency you’d like to pay with, then tap ‘RECEIVE’

2. If you are receiving a Qoin payment via a QR Code:

  • From here you can have the payee scan your QR code directly from your phone. Once the payee scans the QR code they can pay you instantly

3. If you are receiving a Qoin payment via your Wallet address:

  • You can copy your unique wallet address and paste it via email, SMS or other platforms to the payee
  • Once the payee receives your wallet address, they can make payment

4. To review all of your recently paid, received or pending transactions, tap on the transactions button on the bottom of the home screen


Updated on February 12, 2021

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