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Community Groups & Motions

The Qoin community has voted YES to setting up 5 community forum groups:

These 5 groups are as follows:

  • Community Standards Group
  • Merchants Fair Trading Group
  • Technology Development Group
  • New Projects Group
  • Global Expansion Group

Group participants will appoint their leaders, spokespeople, and enforcement team as well as peer review any motions or suggestions relating to the group that are received from the community.

We are now open for nominations for group leaders that would like to participate and lead these groups. You can nominate yourself or someone else from within the Qoin community. There is also an area within each group where you can make suggestions to that group as a valuable member of the community.

We are looking for good Qoin leaders and participants covering all regions across Australia, New Zealand, and UK.

Nominate here >> https://form.jotform.com/220460684464053