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How to Download the iOS Wallet (Apple)

1.  Go to the App Store and search for ‘Qoin Wallet’

2.  Scroll until you find Qoin wallet and tap on ‘Get’. Wait until the download is completed

3.  Tap ‘Open’ to open the Qoin Wallet. The Qoin Wallet app opens, displaying a slider with images of the wallet

4.  On the welcome screen, links to the below documents display. You can read these by tapping on the relevant document link:

  • Financial Service Guide and Product Disclosure Statement
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

5.  Tap on the ‘I agree to the terms of use’ check box to proceed

6.  Then tap ‘Create a new Wallet’

7.  The moment you select ‘Create a new Wallet’ a message displays, requesting you to Back up your Wallet

8.  Tap ‘Continue’ to set-up your Wallet

Need more help? View our step by step video here >>

Updated on December 4, 2020

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